Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally got most of my work on here.

It took some time but i finally got most of my work in here and will keep posting more as i find it and organize it, at least until i finish my portfolio site.  the newest work is at the top and then goes back from there.  Hopefully more work will soon follow and i will post comments and updates as they come around.

Rocket to Planet Charlie Illustration Experiments

One more children's book i am currently working on.  Rocket to Planet Charlie was inspired by the comic strip The World of Little Nemo.  Charlie builds a rocket ship in his backyard to prove he isn't a little kid anymore and sets out to discover his own planet.  

Kung Fu Robot Illustrations

This is my good friend Kung Fu Robot.  A simple minded super hero i came up with several years ago and has now become the subject matter of a juvenile graphic novel i am currently working on.  The first of the series is The Peanut Butter, Jelly and Kung Fu Sandwich where Kung Fu Robot is trying to save the world's PB&J from Kung Pow Chicken and his army of android chicken ninjas.  Hopefully this will becoming to a bookstore near you soon.

Print County Illustrations

Print County was a small company I set up to do screen printing on the side.  Using some photos i had taken around the small town I live in I developed and fun illustration technique.

Grand Marquis CD Package and Promotional Material

Gym Class Heroes MySpace Secret Show Poster

T2 Ads

The New Tragedies Poster

A fun project where I got to burn the screens with a floodlight and printed them after hours in the studio on brown butcher paper.

Blacktop Hootenanny Anniversary Party Material

Chik-Fil-A Proposed Website Design

Chik-Fil-A Online Game

WBC SunRye's Ale Package

WBC Festival Ale

WBC Craic-o-Pack Variety Pack

Friday, August 28, 2009

O'Malley's Cream Ale Signage

Weston Brewing Company Package and Logo

Weston Brewing Company

Matrix Medical ID System

Cramer Sports Medicine Ads

KC Addy Awards Invite and Poster

Rhythm and Ribs ID System

Sheridan's Frozen Custard Franchise Brochure

Kansas City Film Commission ID system

Village Shalom Helzberg Benefit

Kansas City Performing Arts Center

Squid vs Whale Spray Paint Illustration

An illustration experiment i did a couple of years ago using spray paint and cut stencils.

UMKC Entrepreneurship Awards Invite

Machine Design Group Book

Machine Design Group Booklet

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Machine Design Group Posters


A logo done for a college website that focused on the hardcore music scene in Kansas City.  I love the edginess of these logos.  The client was a little frightened by the direction and really just wanted me to manipulate the Kansas City Royals logo, which i wouldn't do.  So i keep these around and would love to use them for something again someday.


Just a fun project i was playing around with that wasn't for anything more than a reason for me to appease my love for 50's sci-fi toys.

Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee Logo

This is, what i consider to be, my first successful logo.  Ten years later i still see this logo on flyers and banners each fall.  The logo happened on accident as I was playing with an old copying machine that was about to be replaced.  Fun and intriguing and seems to age well.